The art of winemaking

From the grapes to the bottling we control the whole process of winemaking. As “Récoltants-Manipulants” we own a wine press machine and a 2.250hl fermenting room including a capacity of 125hl for casks and barrels. This facility - dug into a hillside and located in Trigny - ensures optimal temperature and humidity. Owning our wine press machine allows us to stagger grape harvest in order to pick the grapes at their ideal ripeness, but also to evaluate the flexibility of the different pressings to better preserve the quality of juice. We only keep the juice that comes from the first pressing, the noblest one (called "cuvee”).

Praise for scarcity

Grape musts are carefully identified by their origin. They are collected in vats or barrels to be fermented into wine (first fermentation). Then wines will age on their lees to reach their full potential. Every still wine is tasted. The nose and palate are the most important parts of tasting to determine the character, the roundness, the sweetness, the structure and the ageing potential of a wine. Our oenologist helps us to make the best blends. Most of the time reserve wines from previous years are added, unless a truly exceptional year: a “vintage year - the supreme reward for a winemaker!

The secrets of fermentation

Inside the bottle the wine undergoes a second fermentation, producing fine and mesmerizing bubbles…Then the bottles remain in the cool shade of our cellars for a long period of time: at least 3 years but most of the time 5 years to let its aromatic and structural potential fully emerge.
Exceptional wines require an exceptional patience... That is why the most prestigious vintages often aged during 10 years. Bottles are then carefully riddled and disgorged to remove the yeast deposit from the neck of the bottle. All of these steps demand a perfect timing and control.

Authenticity is our trademark

As authenticity is our trademark, we have a low dosage approach. For our “extra-brut”, “brut” and “demi-sec” Champagnes, the dosage is kept as low as possible to respect the authenticity and the character of the wines, so greatly appreciated by connoisseurs. We are very proud to share our passion for vines and wines.